VivaTech, June 2023 – Paris

German Bionic presents world premiere
at VivaTech 2003 in Paris,
Expo Porte de Versailles
June 14-17, 2023

World premiere at VivaTech in Paris: German Bionic presents the Apogee+ for healthcare

German Bionic will present the Apogee+ exoskeleton for the first time at VivaTech, Europe’s most important technology show: the first AI-assisted power suit developed specifically for nursing professions. The technology show, which takes place from 14 to 17 June in Paris, is a platform for groundbreaking innovations. Not least the appearance of tech masterminds, such as Tesla founder Elon Musk, underscore the increasing importance of the event for Europe.

As a leading European robotics company, German Bionic will not only show the Apogee+ for healthcare, but will also present how exoskeletons can be used in industry and logistics at the La Poste stand. The focus is on technological augmentation to provide workers with more strength and safety at work during physically demanding tasks.

The Apogee+ represents a revolutionary development designed specifically for caregivers. With the help of artificial intelligence, the power suit supports care workers in their daily tasks. Thanks to the precise sensors and intuitive controls, physical strain is reduced, resulting in greater safety and ergonomic work.

The presentation of the Apogee+ on the “Impact Mile”, at the heart of VivaTech, also highlights the social significance of this innovation. German Bionic provides insights into the future of the caring professions and shows how robotics can change the world of work in the long term. The combination of human expertise and technological support opens up new possibilities and improves the working environment for caregivers.

Visitors to VivaTech are invited to visit German Bionic on the Impact Mile and at the La Poste stand to see the power suits in action.

VivaTech 2023 will herald a new era of technological innovation that pushes the boundaries of what is possible and sustainably improves working conditions in system-critical sectors such as logistics and care. German Bionic is thus sending a clear signal for the use of robotics and AI to serve people and creating a promising future for the world of work.

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