German Bionic IO

German Bionic IO is the core of all bio telematic data collected from your devices and produces ergonomic, safety and workplace insights. Use it as a tool to enable and monitor your ongoing workplace safety practices.
Device Usage & ROI Reports
Gain information on device operating hours, weight compensation, lifts and steps from each shift. Showcase the value and ROI your new solution brings through the custom dashboards.
Ergonomic Index Score
Identify the ergonomic risk factors associated with your team. Pin point safety adjustments to be made that provide the greatest potential for improvement.
Workplace optimizations
Identify and resolve bottlenecks and other workflow issues to aid in process optimization, efficiency and profitability.
Unified Platform
Aggregates data across all of your German Bionic devices to deliver custom workplace dashboards
User Friendly Reporting Functions
Clear and easy-to-read reports on performance fulfilment, ergonomics and device utilization
Tailored Trends
See KPIs that are core to your safety ecosystem. Identify potential deviations requiring mediation
GDPR Compliant
Ensure compliance with data protection laws with unidentifiable data