Combining human intelligence with machine power, the Apogee is designed to support and optimize workers through lifting and walking augmentation. With years of real-world use, our active suits are an unobtrusive companion to workers performing labor-intensive, manual handling tasks.

The Apogee Provides Support For

Prolonged Bending
Safer lifting
Effective physical support for warehousing tasks including commissioning, picking, (un)loading, (de)palletizing and lifting in general.
Greater agility
Integrates easily in all industrial IoT environments and Smart Factory ecosystems to optimize processes throughout the entire supply chain.
Smarter logistics
Adds the flexibility and problem-solving creativity of humans into processes where full automation or other aids are impractical or not viable.
Reduced fatigue
Supporting two body regions, our exoskeletons reduce exhaustion and preserves worker energy levels while lifting and walking.
Increased versatility
Challenging environments aren’t a problem thanks to IP54 dust and waterproof protection.
Apogee Features
Active Dual-Support
Provides support for two regions of the body – lifting and walking, with support for up to 30kg (66lbs) of lifting compensation
Multi-task Use
Best utilized in tasks involving lifting, unloading, static holds and walking, resulting in added energy and relief to your workers
One device – Custom Fit
Customize the main device with accessories tailored to your team. With leg straps and vest sizes ranging from XS-XL, ensure a tailored fit no matter who is wearing the device
Easy Deployment
Our customer support team is here with you at every step. We help drive user adoption through integration training, user insights and gamification
Effortless Wear
With a newly designed vest and floating connector, getting suited up for a shift is easier and more comfortable than ever before
Real-time Data
Monitor device usage and safety practices through the German Bionic IO insight platform
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The data insights platform behind the Apogee.
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