Taiyo Koyu and German Bionic Form Partnership to Introduce Cray X Power Suit

Partnership set to introduce the German Bionic Cray X power suit to the customer network of Taiyo Koyu, which operates a nationwide business providing petroleum products to cargo operators in Japan.

Taiyo Koyu Co. Ltd. and German Bionic, the world’s leading provider of fully connected, robotic exoskeletons, have entered into a partnership agreement. The cooperation will see the German Bionic Cray X power suit introduced to Taiyo Koyu’s network in Japan to help logistics companies and warehouse operations create safer and healthier workplaces while simultaneously improving productivity.

German Bionic Cray X power suit

Taiyo Koyu has a network of 61 trucking stations mainly in eastern Japan, working closely with many logistics companies throughout the country. This new partnership to introduce the German Bionic Cray X power suit to Taiyo Koyu’s network will provide assistance in many usage scenarios. The fully connected Cray X power is already widely used around the world in diverse warehouse and logistics operations as well as any other situations where heavy lifting is involved. It provides up to 30 kg support per lifting movement for the lower back as well as active walking assistance for the legs. Made with ultralight carbon fiber, the waterproof exoskeleton also incorporates the unique AI-based Smart Safety Companion early warning system for ergonomics, which assists businesses in optimizing their manual handling processes, protect the health of their workers, and achieving their ESG goals.

Taiyo Koyu Service Station

About Taiyo Koyu

Since its establishment in Fukagawa, Tokyo, in 1971, Taiyo Koyu has consistently delivered energy to logistics companies that support Japan’s society and economy by putting customers first. The company continued to provide safe and reliable services for the Corona pandemic, and fulfilled its responsibilities as an energy provider in Japanese society by not stopping the supply of energy in the event of a disaster for the restoration and reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas. In an environment where Japan and the entire world are moving toward a carbon-neutral society, Taiyo Koyu considers the preservation of the global environment to be an essential issue for the company to be in a position to pass on a bountiful Japan to future generations. Our mission to realize a “sustainable Japanese society” by building a new energy supply chain for the next generation that is environmentally friendly is being actively pursued.

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