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Construction environments are typically high-risk for injury and while the "Focus Four" highlights common hazards for workers, it leaves off another important factor - back injury.

Construction health and safety utilizes a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) and procedures to mitigate risk on site. With the addition of newer wearable technologies, more and more teams are implementing exoskeleton tools in their kits to add additional measures to protect against musculoskeletal lower back pain and injury.
Areas and tasks most common for exoskeleton use:
Exoskeletons for Loading/Unloading
Loading and unloading tools and materials from trucks to work sites is a frequent task for construction workers and one not always viable for help from equipment. The addition of a wearable exoskeleton provides a more flexible tool for workers when performing these tasks. By providing up to 30kg (66lbs) of weight compensation and active walking assistance, workers can feel safe and less fatigued.
Exoskeletons for Lifts
Whether it's removing debris or carrying materials to a work site, construction workers perform frequent, heavy lifts throughout their day which put them at risk of injuring their backs. Exoskeleton tools can mitigate these risks with added protection and assistance in ensuring proper lifts.
Exoskeletons for Assembly & Installation Tasks
A construction exoskeleton also helps in occupational safety when it comes to assembly and installation tasks. Whether lifting heavy items like granite or scaffolding that require additional lifting support or bending over to lay tile or bricks that require lower back posture support, there are endless opportunities where a powered exo suit can help workers.
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" contributes to keeping our workers fit and healthy, which is already reflected in a decline of sick leave. On the other hand, the colleagues appreciate the fact that we are looking out fort hem and providing the best working equipment currently available.“
Mustafa Durmaz
Managing Director, HENZ Bauausführung GmbH
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