German Bionic officially presented to the European Parliament

The General Directorate for Innovation and Technological Support (ITEC) of the European Parliament is a central institution for the political assessment and evaluation of key technologies. This makes the annual ITEC Innovation Week a pivotal event in the calendar of all EU parliamentarians involved in technology issues and their policy support.

The focus of the ITEC Innovation Week 2022 was the key technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this context, the EU has a special role to play. The EU rightly considers itself to be the guardian of human and consumer rights. Even if other countries such as the USA and China might possess partial advantages in this area, the EU also certainly boasts a number of lighthouse projects.

German Bionic is one such a lighthouse project for applied AI in the field of robotics. The company’s achievements are reflected in many prestigious international awards. Most recently, the smart Cray X exoskeleton system was named as the most innovative product in the wearable technologies category by the most important technology trade show in the U.S., CES. This made it a natural choice for ITEC to invite the technology leader for robotic exoskeletons to Brussels.

EP President Roberta Metsola addresses the ITEC Innovation Week

As part of ITEC 2022, which is aimed primarily at political decision-makers in the EP, there was great interest in the smart exoskeleton, which protects workers and integrates manual jobs into digital processes. Well-known leaders, such as EP Vice-President Katarina Barley, not only visited the Innovation Week, but also did not hesitate to try out the new Made in the EU technologies.

Conclusion: ITEC 2022 impresses with its balanced program and exciting speakers. The MEPs particularly embraced the opportunity to test the new technologies. This is particularly necessary for the evaluation, implementation, and further promotion of key technologies in Europe.

EP Vice-President Katarina Barley testing the Cray X with German Bionic CPO, Norma Steller
MEPs and attendees of ITEC take advantage of the opportunity to try out the smart German Bionic Cray X power suit
French MEP and Quaestor of the European Parliament, Fabienne Keller, gives thumbs up to the Cray X
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