German Bionic picks up Japan’s prestigious “Good Design Award 2020” for its smart Cray X power suit

Augsburg/Tokyo, October 1, 2020 – The German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton has been distinguished with the Good Design Award 2020 today in Tokyo, Japan. Widely considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious awards for product design, the Good Design Award has been honoring exceptional achievements in various areas including industrial goods, architecture, software, and services since 1957.

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Combining human intelligence with machine power, the Cray X supports the wearer’s lower back when lifting heavy loads by actively simulating and amplifying the lifting movements. Integration of the cloud-based German Bionic IO platform means the smart power suit can deliver much more than just powerful lifting support. Automatic OTA software updates and predictive maintenance ensure maximum uptime. And, the capability to fully integrate the Cray X in the Smart Factory with all enterprise systems and industrial IoT applications not only provides a boost to productivity, it also helps to protect the health and safety of workers.

Armin G. Schmidt, CEO and Co-Founder of German Bionic comments: “Design has been and remains a key aspect throughout all the developmental processes involved in creating the Cray X. By taking a holistic approach to design, we have ensured that our smart power suit not only stands out due to its striking physical appearance – rather, we focus on the entire user experience. This not only encompasses the lifting performance of the Cray X and the wearer comfort it delivers, it also to takes further factors into account such as the software platform and associated user interfaces. We are delighted that these efforts have now been recognized at one of the highest levels with the receipt of the Good Design Award 2020.”

Good Design Award 2020 German Bionic Cray X
The 4th generation Cray X made of ultra-light carbon fiber

About The Good Design Award:
Established in 1957, Good Design Award is Japan’s leading commendation system. Eligible for application are products, architecture, application and software, projects and initiatives that utilize design and more. Through this system, many people come in contact with “good design” and appreciate their value. The recognition rate of the award is 84%*, with its familiar symbol, G-Mark.

*According to the latest survey by Japan Institute of Design Promotion in 2020.

About German Bionic
The smart Cray X power suit combines human intelligence with machine power by supporting or enhancing the wearer’s movements, thereby reducing the risk of workplace accidents and strain-related illnesses. German Bionic is the first European manufacturer to go into series production with these innovative robots that are worn directly on the body and is also the world’s first company to offer a Robotics as a Service (RaaS) solution for robotic exoskeletons. The Cray X is implemented throughout many logistics, production and other industrial environments, including at Ikea, BMW and DB Schenker.

In recognition of this innovative technology that is putting people back in the focus of Industry 4.0, the Cray X has received numerous awards, including both the Bavarian and German Entrepreneur Awards, the Land of Ideas Award, the Automatica Award, as well as a nomination for Hannover Messe’s renowned Hermes Award.