VivaTech 2024: German Bionic to showcase 360° human augmentation in Paris

Bridging humanity & tech to empower human potential

German Bionic will showcase its 360° human augmentation platform at VivaTech 2024 in Paris.

Berlin, April 25, 2024 – Leading robotics and e-exoskeleton tech specialist German Bionic is participating at Europe’s biggest Startup & Tech event, Viva Technology, in Paris this May. Reflecting the EU’s unique perspective on technology with a strong commitment to resilience, sustainability, and human centricity, the event has become a beacon for these values. Invited to attend for a third consecutive year by the event’s organizers, German Bionic’s concept for this year surrounds the topic “Bridging Humanity & Tech: The 360° Augmentation Journey” and is set to unveil the future where human-centric robotics and AI technology enhances our individual potential. The German Bionic stand will be located in the Retail & Logistics Park, Hall 1 Stand J40-003.

A prime example of human-centric tech: The German Bionic Apogee exoskeleton.

Building on its appearances at previous VivaTech events, including last year’s debut of the smart Apogee and Apogee+ e-exoskeletons as well as the honor of receiving the inaugural “Elections de la Tech” Award, German Bionic is this year advocating its human-centric tech ecosystem. By spotlighting and integrating human augmentation technologies like robotic exoskeletons and other wearable tech into everyday contexts, the aim is to elevate their widespread acceptance and ubiquity to a level that is on par with groundbreaking AI platforms such as ChatGPT.

At its hands-on stand on the VivaTech floor in Paris, German Bionic will showcase its Tech For Good advancements, presenting its new holistic 360° digital human augmentation platform. It encompasses the latest Apogee and Apogee+ e-exoskeletons integrated within a modular ecosystem consolidating human-machine interfaces, real-time analytics, and AI-driven assessments that are enriched with user-friendly gamification elements. Together, it enables integration in wide-ranging applications that will be highlighted at the event and provide a glimpse into the future of the technologies – not only in professional settings such as in logistics and at care facilities – but also how human capabilities can increasingly be enhanced in day-to-day life through their seamless integration with technology that is decidedly people-focused. Ultimately, it helps to foster a greater level of personal well-being where individuals are less physically drained by their daily tasks, returning to their homes and families more satisfied and able to enjoy leisure time more fully and with greater vitality.

The modular German Bionic 360° human augmentation platform ecosystem consolidates human-machine interfaces, real-time analytics, and AI-driven assessments, enriched with user-friendly gamification elements.

Harnessing inclusivity: Human augmentation’s role in a shifting demographic landscape

Already today, human augmentation represents more than just a tool for protecting people’s health and reducing strain when engaged in strenuous physical activities. Its application also allows for significantly more inclusivity. Especially in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as logistics and manufacturing, this impact is becoming increasingly evident. With the support it delivers, the technology is poised to enable a more diverse range of people to conduct physically demanding tasks, be they women, aging workers or other underrepresented groups. While not being a cure-all for every challenge demographic shifts and aging populations pose to society, human augmentation technology offers practical solutions for sustaining health and productivity – and is available now.

“At German Bionic, we’re crafting technology with a conscience, focusing on augmenting human abilities without compromising our humanity,” says Armin G. Schmidt, founder and CEO of German Bionic. “At VivaTech 2024 we invite everyone to join us on the 360° Augmentation Journey in which we bridge the gap between humanity and technology, unlocking new horizons for individual potential.”

The German Bionic Apogee+ e-exoskeleton designed specifically for use in nursing and other care environments. environments.

The German Bionic Apogee and Apogee+  e-exoskeletons are at the forefront of the latest human augmentation technology. Designed to support those working in physically demanding jobs in both industrial settings and healthcare environments, each model delivers up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of support per lifting movement, provides active walking assistance to reduce fatigue and improve mobility, and also incorporates the AI-driven Smart Safety Companion. Together, these features combine to make the Apogee series a pivotal tool in improving the wellbeing and safety of workers across various sectors while simultaneously boosting efficiency.

VivaTech 2024 takes place May 22-25, 2024, at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris. The German Bionic stand will be prominently located in the Retail & Logistics Park, Hall 1 Stand J40-003.

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