VivaTech June 2022 – Paris

UPDATE – June 18, 2022: A first-time visitor to Paris and already the Cray X has become a crowd favorite among the tech-savvy French: German Bionic’s smart exoskeleton won in the “Digital & Inclusive Health” category at the “Elections de la Tech”. Read the full press release here.

This June 15-18, the biggest names from technology and the digital economy will gather together for the 2022 Viva Technology conference in Paris. Our smart Cray X exoskeleton will naturally be part of the show and has also been nominated for a prize in advance of the event.

Finding us will be easy. We are presenting the 5th generation Cray X at the event – in three locations: At VivaTech in the centrally positioned ‘Discovery Zone’ at our own DEMO-Point (Stand F40-302) in the ‘Human Park’; at the stand of French postal service, La Poste (Stand J53), as well as online.

Anticipation of this event is growing all the more because the media buzz is already in full swing. In the April 2022 edition of VivaTech’s Tech Radar for example, the 5th generation of Cray X has already been hailed as one of fair’s highlights: “Do you believe that robots are the future of the world of work? Think again. The future could lie in human augmentation. Thanks to German Bionic, employees can work better, quicker, safer, and more effectively. They truly have your back. German Bionic’s Cray X Power Suit is fitted to the body and provides support to the lower back of up to 30 kg per lifting movement as well as active walking assistance for the legs. So, does it turn you into a superhero? Almost. The exoskeleton suit makes it easier for employees to lift, load, or move large and heavy objects. The goal is to increase productivity while minimizing strain or injuries at work. People could become the new robots of tomorrow!”

“It‘s really surprising” Alexis, Innovation Manager at VivaTech

The 5th generation Cray X was of course, tested in advance. Alexis, Innovation Manager at VivaTech, tried our exoskeleton for himself and showcased it in a video: “It’s really surprising” – “It does a lot of things” – “It feels really good”, were just some of his comments.

Our live demonstrations at our space in the Human Park of the centrally located VivaTech ‘Discovery Zone’, will reveal everything about the fascinating new features the 5th generation Cray X, which deliver AI-based ergonomic enhancements and relief during heavy lifting and walking:

  • Walking assistance: the first exoskeleton of its kind to support two regions of the body
  • Better performance: battery hot-swapping and increased effectiveness
  • More versatile: dust and water-resistant according to the IP54 standard, making it suitable for outdoor use too
  • More intelligent: AI in action via the early warning system for ergonomics: The Smart Safety Companion


Augmentation and inclusion: Cray X at the VivaTech “Elections de la Tech”

German Bionic‘s Cray X was also nominated for the inaugural “Elections de la Tech“ as the only product from Germany to compete in the ‘Digitalized and inclusive health’ category. From 18 May 2022, French people can vote online in five categories for their preferred innovations. The results will be announced on 18 June on the main VivaTech stage.

Will we see you at Vivatech 2022?

There are three opportunities to see us: in the centrally located ‘Discovery Zone’ at our own exhibition stand F40-302 in the ‘Human Park’; at the stand of the French postal service, La Poste (Stand J53), as well as online.


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