Cray X
Rugged and powerful for your most demanding environments, this water- and dust-proof wearable tool brings relief to the most labor-intensive tasks.
Safe & Sustainable Workloads
Effective physical support for labor intensive tasks including commissioning, picking, (un)loading, (de)palletizing and frequent lifting.
Increased Versatility
Deployable in your most challenging use cases - construction sites, outdoor warehouses and more.
Long-term health & wellbeing
Safeguard your talent's livelihoods and quality of life by keeping workplace safety central to your mission.
Fully Dust and Waterproof
In accordance with the IP54 standard, our CrayX is ready to withstand unique or harsh environments
Fully supports lifting and walking with up to 30kg (66lbs) of lifting compensation
Long-lasting Productivity
Battery hot-swap capabilities ensure no delays in your team's activities
Real-time Data
Monitor device usage and safety practices through the German Bionic IO insight platform
Engaged Users
Gamification and on-device ergonomic recommendations help to engage users in healthy practices
Easy Deployment
Our customer support team is here with you at every step. We help drive user adoption through integration training, user insights and gamification