Integrating intelligent exoskeletons in the Smart Factory

Dr. Peter Heiligensetzer presents the first IoT platform for robotic exoskeletons at the “WearRAcon Europe” specialist conference in Stuttgart

Stuttgart November 12, 2019 – Leading international specialist conference for wearable robotics and mechanical exoskeletons, WearRAcon, will take place in Germany for the first time from November 19 to 20. Researchers and manufacturers of this innovative technology, which supports people performing physical work or in rehabilitation, are being invited to Stuttgart by the US-based Wearable Robotics Association in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA – Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung) and the University of Stuttgart.

Technology leader presents its industrial IoT suite for intelligent power suits

German Bionic, the European technology leader in the development of intelligent power suits, will present its solution for the integration of exoskeletons into the so-called “Smart Factory” at WearRAcon in Stuttgart. The third-generation German Bionic Cray X, which boasts software interfaces enabling connection to networked production infrastructure in the cloud, was first unveiled as a world premiere at the Hannover Messe 2019. Several application trials are currently in progress with partner companies from industry and logistics, including DB Schenker, IKEA and BMW.

German Bionic IO amalgamates the most robust exoskeleton hardware with latest industrial IoT technology

The innovative German Bionic IO cloud platform combines the most robust exoskeleton hardware currently available with the latest industrial IoT technology, enabling seamless integration into Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 environments. Besides wireless software updates (OTA) and preventative maintenance, the system also provides constantly updated system KPIs, which can be accessed via individually configurable dashboards.

“The development of the German Bionic IO platform was overseen by an interdisciplinary scientific team and implemented by international IoT experts. At WeaRAcon Europe, we will present a variety of interesting use cases and our Robotics-as-a-Service model. In addition, together we will cast a glance into the future of intelligent exoskeletons,” remarks Dr. Peter Heiligensetzer, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of German Bionic.

German Bionic at the WearRAcon Europe 2019 in Stuttgart

Dr. Peter Heligensetzer will give a lecture on the integration of intelligent exoskeletons in the Smart Factory on November 20 at 9:30 a.m. in Auditorium A. Visitors to the German Bionic booth (booth number 10) can also see demonstrations of the intelligent Cray X power suit.

About German Bionic
The intelligent Cray X power suit combines human intelligence with machine power by supporting or enhancing the wearer’s movements, thereby reducing the risk of workplace accidents and strain-related illnesses. German Bionic is the first European manufacturer to go into series production with these innovative robots that are worn directly on the body and is also the world’s first company to offer a Robotics as a Service (RaaS) solution for robotic exoskeletons.

In recognition of this innovative technology that is putting people back in the focus of Industry 4.0, the Cray X has received numerous awards, including both the Bavarian and German Entrepreneur Awards, the Land of Ideas Award, the Automatica Award, as well as a nomination for the renowned Hermes Award.

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