Live at IMHX 2022, Birmingham: The Smart and fully connected German Bionic Cray X exoskeleton

Augsburg, 05.09.2022 | Robotics specialist German Bionic is on site at the UK’s leading intralogistics event, IMHX 2022 in Birmingham. Visitors can try the smart, fully connected Cray X power suit for themselves and learn how it can be effectively deployed in logistics, intralogistics as well as any other environments where frequent heavy lifting is involved. The lightweight, waterproof exoskeleton provides up to 30 kg support per lifting movement for the lower back as well as active walking assistance for the legs. The Cray X also incorporates the unique AI-based Smart Safety Companion early warning system for ergonomics., which helps businesses to optimize their manual handling processes, protect the health of their workers, and achieve their ESG goals. IMHX takes place in Birmingham, UK, 6-8 September 2022. The German Bionic stand is located at Booth UK8B, directly in the UKWA pavilion. 

“With the deployment of our exoskeleton Cray X, businesses are revolutionizing their processes and systems in all areas of logistics and intralogistics. We look forward to demonstrating the potential of the intelligent German Bionic IO platform to IMHX visitors with our increasingly versatile use cases,” says Armin G. Schmidt, CEO of German Bionic.

Smart and sustainable: AI-based workplace safety and long-term performance gains

In the age of Industry 4.0, digitalization, connectivity and artificial intelligence are making systems grow together ever more intelligently, thereby creating the conditions for enhanced workplace safety and effectiveness. By deploying the award-winning fully connected German Bionic Cray X power suit, businesses are realizing the ideal case of humans and machines interacting seamlessly and intuitively with each other. The smart exoskeleton provides up to 30 kilograms of support per lifting movement at manual workplaces and is simultaneously integrated into the digital workflow via the German Bionic IO platform.

Visitors to the German Bionic stand at IMHX in Birmingham will learn more about how companies can use the data collected by the Cray X in real time to make flexible adjustments to their processes. The on-site specialists will explain, for example, how the integrated AI-based Smart Safety Companion early warning system for ergonomics can prevent fatigue, incorrect posture, and poor lifting techniques, thus preventing overload-related errors and injuries. And how comprehensive reporting functions can give companies clear overviews of the effectiveness of their safety measures, thus opening up new potentials for workplace safety and business performance.

Revolutionary: First exoskeleton of its kind to support two body regions simultaneously

The latest generation of the smart exoskeleton opens new dimensions in human augmentation. “We have made the Cray X smarter, more powerful, and more versatile,” says Norma Steller, CPO of German Bionic. “Smarter because we now incorporate our AI-based ergonomics early warning system – the Smart Safety Companion, more powerful because we are now using a 40 V battery platform and have completely revamped the battery management system, and more versatile because the new Cray X is also suited for outdoor use cases as it is now water and dustproof in accordance with the IP54 standard, supporting new use cases. But perhaps most revolutionary of all, our Crax X is the first exoskeleton of its kind to support two body regions at the same time: the lower back while lifting and the legs while walking.”

IMHX runs 6-8 September 2022 in the NEC in Birmingham, UK. The German Bionic stand is located at Booth UK8B, directly in the UKWA pavilion.


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