IKEA designs workplaces with Cray X more future-oriented and sustainably healthier

IKEA has been represented in Germany since 1974 and currently operates stores in 53 locations. IKEA employs around 18,000 people in Germany and works to realise its own vision of creating a better everyday life for people.

German Bionic exoskeleton IKEA logistics workers

„The exoskeletons provide ergonomic support for heavy lifting, as they protect the backs of colleagues during physically demanding work.“

Marc Pasztak
Team Leader Business Solution
IKEA Range & Supply

IKEA and German Bionic have successfully completed a joint test run for occupational health and safety 2.0 and sustainable healthy working. Since mid-July 2019, IKEA has been using the German robotics specialist’s intelligent power suits to optimise occupational safety and make workplaces more future-oriented and sustainably healthier.

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