German Bionic to Showcase its Holistic 360° Human Augmentation Platform at VivaTech 2024

Debut of Latest Generation Human-Machine Interfaces at Europe’s Most Important Startup & Tech Show in Paris

Berlin/Paris, May 16, 2024 – This year at VivaTech, German Bionic unveils its comprehensive 360° Human Augmentation Platform. The user-centered ecosystem integrates the latest versions of the Apogee series e-exoskeletons together with German Bionic OS – the first and only proprietary operating system for exoskeletons, the German Bionic IO data platform, and will be joined by two new human-machine interfaces having their public debut at VivaTech. This integration of individual components into a single, powerful platform exemplifies German Bionic’s commitment to delivering highly accessible human-centric technology solutions that are simple to use, empowering, and designed to improve health and productivity. VivaTech takes place May 22-25 in Paris. German Bionic is located in Hall 1, Stand J40-003.

The German Bionic 360° Human Augmentation platform: Universal accessibility to sophisticated, human-centric solutions that promote user agency will be showcased at VivaTech 2024 in Paris.

Transforming Human Augmentation with Intuitive Technology

Central to the platform, is the award-winning Apogee series of e-exoskeletons, providing up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of support per lifting motion as well as active walking assistance. Enabling the hardware and multitude of integrated sensors in the exoskeletons to work together in perfect unison is the proprietary German Bionic OS operating system. It ensures that all components interact cohesively, enhancing device functionality and user interaction. German Bionic OS supports a broad array of applications and provides an intuitive, multilingual user interface that makes it accessible to a global workforce.

The Apogee e-exoskeleton series: Each model offers up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of support per lifting movement and also provides users with active walking assistance.

German Bionic IO represents a breakthrough in the infrastructure of wearable technology, ensuring easy and full integration within the broader human augmentation ecosystem. The latest version of German Bionic IO extends the capabilities of advanced data management. Besides giving essential insights into device performance and safety through AI-enhanced analytics, it also delivers evaluations and assessments as well as highlighting process optimization potentials. Safety level monitoring for user teams along with AI-powered ergonomic recommendations, enhance the overall safety and effectiveness provided by the exoskeletons and other smart wearables – now and into the future. This so-called “Smart Safety Companion” is incorporated in all components of the 360° Human Augmentation platform.

AI-powered insights to safety analytics and device performance with German Bionic IO.

Elevating User Agency

With the all-new German Bionic Connect app, which has its debut at VivaTech 2024 in Paris, the data from German Bionic IO is also easily accessible to the individual users, providing maximum user agency. It empowers them to control and customize their interactions with the technology, ensuring they are active participants in shaping their own user experience. The app plays a crucial role in the platform, offering users full transparency concerning their personal data and the impact the exoskeletons have on their individual work. It also facilitates even easier onboarding for new users and enables users to both receive and give direct feedback, thereby promoting highest levels of user engagement and operational transparency. Enhanced by subtle gamification features, the app encourages exploration and interaction, further setting a new standard in the exoskeleton industry. It is now available for immediate download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, for iOS and Android.

The modular German Bionic 360° human augmentation platform ecosystem consolidates human-machine interfaces, user-friendly app, ergonomic analytics, and AI-driven assessments, enriched with gamification elements.

Expanding the Breadth of Applications With New Interfaces

VivaTech will also feature the first public appearance of the German Bionic Smart SafetyVest. The vest marks a significant expansion of the group of people that can benefit from German Bionic’s humancentric technology, as it is tailored not only for those working in physically demanding roles – such as in logistics, construction, manufacturing, or the care professions – but for anyone interested in monitoring and improving their ergonomic safety. It represents a convenient interface to access the data analyzed by German Bionic IO and is output in a user-friendly manner via the German Bionic Connect app. The Smart SafetyVest is just one example of many future interfaces that can leverage the German Bionic 360° Human Augmentation platform to enhance people’s general health and wellbeing.

The Smart SafetyVest is just one example of many future interfaces that can leverage the German Bionic 360° Human Augmentation platform to protect the health of people and enhance their wellbeing.

Technology and Humanity Converge

“Our 360° Human Augmentation platform goes beyond mere technological advancement; it is about making sophisticated, human-centric solutions universally accessible, while promoting user agency. The platform is designed to enhance everyday life, ensuring that each individual can achieve more with greater ease, comfort, and safety,” says Armin G. Schmidt, CEO and founder of German Bionic. “We are proud to lead the charge towards a future where technology and humanity converge to foster a healthier, more capable society.”

Experience the German Bionic 360° Human Augmentation Journey firsthand at VivaTech 2024 and engage with a future where technology serves humanity – in all areas of life: be it working on the shop floor or in care facilities, in the office, while undertaking leisure activities, or even in the home. Europe’s largest startup and tech event takes place in Paris May 22-25, 2024, at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles trade fair grounds. The German Bionic stand will be prominently located in Hall 1, Stand J40-003.

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