German Bionic, the Award-Winning Robotic Exoskeleton Startup Establishes UK Office

  • AI-based exoskeleton supports heavy lifting and walking to improve overall business performance through advanced ergonomics and human augmentation
  • Helps solve labour shortages by making manual handling workplaces more attractive and protecting the health of existing workers
  • Dedicated German Bionic team now on the ground in UK & Ireland

AUGSBURG, Germany, 3 October 2022 — German Bionic, the award-winning developer and manufacturer of robotic exoskeletons, is announcing today that it has established a new office in the UK, following strong interest from British businesses seeking to augment their physical workforce with the power of robotics and AI. In addition, the company has appointed industry veteran Andy Bridgewater to lead UK sales.

German Bionic establishes UK Office

German Bionic’s smart, fully connected Cray X power suit can be effectively deployed in logistics, intralogistics as well as any other environments where frequent heavy lifting is involved. Currently, the Cray X is being used across numerous businesses, including BMW, DPD, DB Schenker, Post Nord and several European airports, including Cologne and Stuttgart Airports.

By deploying the award-winning fully connected German Bionic Cray X power suit, businesses are leveraging the best of humans and machines, which interact seamlessly and intuitively with each other to enhance workplace safety and effectiveness.

The lightweight, dust and waterproof exoskeleton, worn like a backpack, provides up to 30 kg support per lifting movement for the lower back, as well as active walking assistance for the legs and is simultaneously integrated into the digital workflow via the German Bionic IO platform.

In addition, the Cray X also incorporates the unique AI-based Smart Safety Companion early warning system for ergonomics, which helps businesses to optimize their manual handling processes, protect the health of their workers, and achieve their ESG goals.

“With the deployment of our Cray X exoskeleton , businesses are revolutionizing their processes and systems in all areas of logistics, intralogistics & warehousing. The Cray X takes the power of robotics and AI, and augments the physical ability of workers, whilst helping protect their health and reducing sick days. In addition to helping solve labour shortages, the Cray X platform gives businesses granular insight into their logistics processes for long-term performance gains and a strong ROI,” says Andy Bridgewater, UK Sales Manager of German Bionic.

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Head of Global Communications
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Dianne See Morrison
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